Join us for 'In conversation with' Nicola Harding on Tuesday 24 September.

Voted as one of the top 100 interior designers by Homes and Gardens this year, Nicola Harding instinctively creates charmed indoor and outdoor spaces that function effectively and flow from one to the other. Her clear mission is to design places rich in soulfulness and atmosphere. 

That’s why we wanted Nicola to bring the Bingham Riverhouse to life in January and to create a more fluid experience where people, spaces and gatherings can flow into one.

Nicola’s desire to reveal and accentuate the character of a building and create somewhere that feels as if it has effortlessly evolved out of the spirit of a place informs each and every project. Her work at the Riverhouse was human, intimate and playful. She designs public spaces where people quickly feel at home, and homes heady with atmosphere that feel easy, comfortable and joyful.

Nicola will lead a discussion on how she creates spaces with integrity and character. She’ll share how they developed a sense of place within the Bingham Riverhouse that fits with our heritage, who we are and how we want guests to feel.

This event is free to attendee – you can enjoy it over drinks and dinner if you fancy. Booking is essential as we’re a small venue with limited places.

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