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We are all many different things.

Sometimes we are world-beaters, game-changers, head-down grafters or blank stare daydreamers. Sometimes we need to achieve, to build, to do. Sometimes we are a soloist craving its choir and need to harmonise, to resonate, to belong. Sometimes we are restless and need help settling.

In the course of a day, an hour, a minute we can be all of these things and more. 

We have made a place where they're not kept apart, but flow together.


Be Together

A place to do. Meet. Get your head down or lift your spirits up.

The member's drawing room is a centre point for you to gather around and galvanise from.

It's a hub to build new connections, dine together on a fresh seasonal menu and party into the wee hours.

Be Brilliant

The Library, Drawing Room and pop-up workspace make for inspiring places to get your head in the zone. For more privacy and group gatherings, our downstairs garden rooms are adaptable for meetings and business events.

Our spaces offer comfort, great service, fresh espresso coffee, home cooked food and on site concierge facilities and support for our Members. Can't bear to leave? We have fifteen comfy bedrooms to collapse into after a day’s graft.

Be Still

Somewhere you know you'll be able to reconnect, switch off the things that don't matter, turn on the things that do.

Rest and reconnection shouldn't be productivity's enemy - but it's partner, which is why we've brought it all together.

Take refuge from the stresses and strains of modern life and enjoy a carefully curated classes to nourish your mind, body and soul in our bhuti Yurt.

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