An Introduction To Feng Shui

Monday 2nd October | 7.30-9pm

Feng Shui is the ancient art of space arrangement that goes deeper than aesthetics to create spaces that not only look beautiful, but that feel balanced energetically. From where you choose to sit in a restaurant, to what colour you choose to paint your walls, you are engaging with Feng Shui on a daily basis. It is, put simply, the way in which we interact with our environments - something we all do.

In this talk you'll be introduced to some core principles of Feng Shui such as chi flow, symbolism and five elements theory, to learn how they can help you elevate and enhance your own living space to promote well being.

Join us from 7.30pm for this hour long talk, with post talk tea & mingle.

Katie North is a Feng Shui consultant and speaker who works with individual clients and businesses throughout the UK and Ireland. If you’d like more information on Katie’s work, you can check out her website, or follow her on Instagram @lifedistillery. 

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