Shamanic Tea and Ancestral Blessing


Sunday 31st October 2021 | 7.30pm – 9pm

Join Justine and Christian for a Shamanic Tea and Ancestral Blessing Ceremony.

Our ancestors strongly believed, that on Samhain (31/10-1/11) the veils to the other world are becoming thinner.

This is the reason and Halloween and All Saints Day fall at this time of the year. For the Celtic, Samhain also symbolised the start of a new year. Following in these traditions of the British Isles, we will come together in a circle and use this auspicious time of the year to connect to our ancestors for giving thanks and receive blessings and insights.

Firstly, we will be calling our ancestors into the circle and honour them in a little ceremony. Once the circle is firmly established, we will prepare for a Shamanic Journey supported by Guayusa Tea and Sound. Guayusa is an Amazonian tea, similar to Mate. It helps to stay present and focus during the journey.

For the journey, you will lie down and let the sound of Rattle, Drum and Singing Bowls carry you to the other side of the veil to meet your ancestors.

After the sound finishes you are welcome to write down and share your experience before we wrap up the ceremony with a blessing from the ancestors and a little new year divination.

£30 per ticket | 15% discount for bhuti + Flow members

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