Breathwork & Shamanic Healing Workshop

Friday 7th July | 10am – 5pm

This unique day will be combining ancient and modern healing methods.  An opportunity to set intentions, let go of your deepest programmes, find space, purpose and make way for the next part of the process that we are all sharing at this time. An important part of this heart opening journey will support insight, flow, creativity and authentic connection to Source.

Hidden traumas, beliefs and blockages often force our body to suppress and carry difficult feelings and emotions and this reflects back on our health, personal life choices and liveliness.

Rebecca will lead you on a powerful journey with somatic bodywork and breathwork taking you away from your mind and into your body, raising your vibrations and leaving you on a natural high with a sense of calm, clarity, blissful energy and deeper trust with your own inner compass and intuition. You will learn the science of how conscious breathing, sound, movement and bodywork can release helps both your physical and mental health and you will be given simple tools how to change the way your mental and physical states by using conscious breathing.
Reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, improve sleep, improve creativity, induce flow states, increase athletic performance and cardiovascular health – Breathwork has benefits for everyone.

Womb Flow & Ancestral Healing lead by Alex Bedoya is a safe journey of learning how to listen to the innate wisdom of our bodies, fully living, fully feeling, fully being who we really are.
Bringing the wisdom from traditional medicine grandmothers, we invite our bodies to open up, always respecting the body’s boundaries, welcoming rejected parts of ourselves to be expressed and integrated in a gentle, compassionate and loving way. Ancestral family constellation and how our unresolved lineage affects our health will be explored during the sessions with time and space to share and reflect. 

Both Rebecca and Alex are experienced on holding a safe and transformative space and there will be facilitation with hands-on pressure point therapy, sound, movement and affirmations.
Expect open-heartedness, inner peace, clarity, access to higher states of consciousness and a strong connection to yourself to a space of wholeness working through the body’s memory.

Spaces are limited to 15 women, no experience necessary.

This event is now sold out.

Email Alex here to be added to the waitlist for the next event.



Rebecca Dennis, international author of And Breathe and Let It Go, workshop leader and breath coach is the founder of Rebecca has been practicing holistic and alternative therapies for over 20 years and has trained with many masters and influential teachers of breathwork, bodywork, shamanic healing and counselling. Featured on BBC Radio, Tatler, The Telegraph, Grazia and Psychologies. Her clients come with many various issues including breathing issues, stress, anxiety, addiction, abuse, depression, ME, respiratory problems, trauma, sleeping patterns, focus, lack of energy, physical problems and low self esteem.

Alex Bedoya is a medicine woman, facilitator, ceremonialist and conscious coach. She weaves together the ancient discipline of shamanic practices, somatic energy therapy, energy healing, ancestral lineage constellations and gentle sacred ceremonies with a healthy trust in the great cycles of life and being. Featured on The Sunday Times and “Bigger than us” book by Fearne Cotton.  Alex is the founder of Be One Again, a place for sacred personal development, inner purpose and wellbeing.

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