Discovering Meditation: A Beginners Guide

3-Week Meditation course

Wednesdays | 25th January -8th of February | 6.45-8.15pm

Meditation is a practice that cuts across the ages and cultures. It is a systematic technique for training and resting the mind that results in more inner peace, strength, courage and freedom in daily life.

This 3-week course is designed to introduce you to meditation and give you the techniques and guidance so that you can continue meditating with confidence afterwards.

Each week, you will receive a hand-out, including a weekly exercise you can do at home to develop your practice and there will also be time for questions and answers.

This is a practical course, suitable for complete beginners as well as those with meditation experience, who would like a refresher.

We are intentionally keeping the class size small to allow for individual attention.

Course outline

Week 1: How to begin
This week, we will look at what meditation is, why we practice and posture. You will receive practical guidance and three simple techniques to establish a daily practice.

Week 2: Finding your way
We will dedicate some time to reviewing what we have learned so far and share experience. We will also learn an important technique you can use at any time.

Week 3: The daily life
Today, we will look at the other aspects of meditation in daily life. This will include relationships and one-pointed attention. You will come away with a realistic mediation programme that you can practice in your daily life.

3 week course.

A word from Emily

"I teach meditation and yoga - In other words, how to connect with your inner self and live in a way that better reflects your true values and who you are inside.

After over a decade working with the refugee and asylum-seeking community in London at a charitable organisation I founded, I have recently changed track to work in a more personal way.passion, hope and interconnection.

My work is rooted in compassion, hope and interconnection."


Read more about Emily here.


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