Hack The Matrix

Wednesday 17th August | 6:00-8:00pm


Put a halt to the Procrastination. Stop the Questioning. Overcome your Limitations. Step into an Effortless Flow.

The secret to us being able to make the most of life’s opportunities is beyond:

-Diving In head first

-Weighing up all the pros and cons

-Throwing everything to the wall and seeing what sticks

-Trying all the gurus latest tricks and tips

-Sampling sessions for the right therapist or coach

-Getting other’s validation on every little decision

-Or deciding that we’ve got to do it alone…

It's about putting yourself back at the centre of your life and fine tuning this amazing asset of the body and soul to support you getting over your own limitations. 

Feeling like there’s a cost in another area of your life when you want to move forward with an opportunity is the eternal spanner in the works. When you’ve got lots of people depending on you and you are under scrutiny the degrees of perfection can become very debilitating ….But it doesn't have to be the either/or mentality.

You’re probably starting to realise that you are your own biggest liability.

Having a conscience and compassion does not have to be the limiting factor when you use it in a balanced way. Your sensitivity is your biggest gift but if you don’t harness it, it will cause havoc and bite you in the butt!

It’s all about getting a broader perspective and reaching a state of knowing where your mindset, emotional intelligence and overarching mission are aligned. It's about taking care of yourself first and fine tuning your sensitivity. 

Now this might sound like something you have to travel countries far and wide for, but Emma has done the hard work for you, and we’ve weaved her wisdom and experience into an evening of inspiration, connection and foundational personal growth. 

By looking at how we compensate daily, and gifting tools to reach an everyday ‘FLOW’ state, this workshop and talk will inspire and equip you to overcome some of your own protective mechanisms for exponential growth.

Expect connection, humour and insight - we can’t do it alone, and as the world around us continues on its crazy trajectory, the best thing you can do is to override your old programming and gather the tools to master your own destiny.


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