Karma Kids

Monday 12th February 10.30am-12pm


Calm | Creative | Karma Kids

Children are invited to join a special Karma Kids workshop to explore mindfulness and empowering tools in fun and creative ways. They will work with vision boards, journaling, and engaging chats building on the free spirit and ability to be in the present moment that children naturally have.

The session is run by journalist, yoga teacher and Good Life Designed co-founder Karin Graabaek Helledie, who works with kids as well as adults. She created Karma Kids as a blend of bitesize yoga, mindfulness, and creativity to offer a space, where kids are supported in trusting their inner voice and allowed space to play with their own unique creativity.



Blathnaid Griffin, Good Life Designed UK, hotel management, coaching and Personal Development.



Good Life Designed is a mentoring company offering a holistic approach to developing people using a blend of community and a unique process to support you in getting unstuck, connected to yourself, and defining and reaching personal success on your own terms.


For ages 6-14.

£10 per child | Includes hot chocolate, and coffee for guardians

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