Made You Look - Photography Exhibition by Julian George

Wednesday 20th October - Sunday 21st November

Showing in Steven Edwards' Restaurant

"Made You Look is a visual celebration of talented black chefs at all levels, who work in some of the country’s best restaurants – yet many of them are unknown..."

Created by photographer, creative director and owner of Made By Humans Ltd Julian George's 'Made You Look' aims to prompt a "wow, I didn't know that" reaction. George utilises bright pops of colour against striking monochromatic portraits to allude to the vibrancy of black culture. 

Julian's exhibition beautifully captures these chefs and their incredible talent and skill to inspire the next generation to look at these images and say “If they can do it, then so can I.” Each portrait invites the viewer to look beyond the frames, to find out more about these chefs, their backgrounds and how they have gotten to where they are today. 

Project creator Julian George says: “It’s an honour to have these amazingly talented chefs trust me to do their portraits and reflect a moment in time. This is a celebration of talent and of achievement that I hope will inspire the next generation of great chefs to come.”

Julian is also a celebrated food and portrait photographer – his images have graced the covers of food magazines such as Chef Magazine and menus for restaurants all around the UK.

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