Spoken Word

Sunday 17th July | 8.00pm-9.00pm

We are thrilled to be hosting a monthly Spoken Word event on the third Sunday of every month.

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Non-Members £10 | Book Here

Our spoken word theme for July is Adventurous Spirit and will feature performances by Manatita, a.k.a The Lantern Carrier, Nayma Chamchoun and Poet RS.


Poet RS

An experienced & energetic Poet, Host and Entertainer. With experience performing at over 100 venues nationally and internationally, such as Glastonbury, BBC Radio and Rotterdam. Passionate and confident on stage offering a perspective from more than just syllables but words of truth and action. An impactful and influential Spoken Word Poet and performer, an advocate of Mental Health which has propelled me into the realms of mentoring aspiring poets/ performers while using my teaching qualifications and skills to educate and inspire others to reach the peaks of their talent. I thrive to inspire others to tell their truths through their medium 'Inspire the world through your own inspiration’ is a motto I live by. My poetry speaks on topics that have no end to their conversation, Topics such as Mental Health, Racism, Self-Worth, Single Parenting, Societal Misconceptions and personal traumas. I use my poetry as a steering wheel to inform educate and bring light to different minds.

Manatita, a.k.a The Lantern Carrier, has been on the poetry scene for 21 years. He grew up writing poetry since aged four, but switched to inspirational and meta-physical poetry when he took up the meditative life.

Equally at home with performance pieces, Lantern Carrier has won a Hammer and Tongue (H&T) Slam, featured at BYOB, Mind Over Matter, Chocolate Poetry, Word Play and many other venues. He has been runner-up in Slams, as well as making the finals in the H&T National Final (Brighton).

Lantern Carrier has read at the famous Nuyorican Cafe and also in Nairobi, Kenya. He’s a Creative Writer, who writes short stories, essays and Flash Fiction. He is also the Author of two books, including Maxims for our Children: A look at the Teachings of Jesus, the Christ. 

Lantern Carrier is a poet who tries to serve, to bring Light, to elevate ...enlighten the understanding. He endeavours to reach the Heart; to bring wisdom to his pieces and is a specialist in nature imagery, music, light. colour and dance in their kaleidoscope of different forms.


Nayma Chamchoun is a self-taught writer and poet. Her writing is influenced by her cultural duality. She is interested in female voices in the diaspora community; the challenges they face within both communities and the taboos around mental health within their ancestral communities.

Her upcoming poetry collection, COVID: THE WORDY WILDS OF A MIND UNDER LOCKDOWN explores themes of identity, duality, displacement, loss, race, feminism, culture, family, love and the search for inner peace as experienced alongside the effects of mental health, menopause, the pandemic and world events.

In addition to the publication of her poetry anthology later this year, Nayma is currently working on her first novel and is an active member of London’s poetry community, performing at several spoken word events.

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