Spring Clean Your Finances: getting on top of your business and personal finances in Spring.

Monday 30th May | 7.00pm-8.30pm

Ever done a financial Spring Clean? 

In this workshop we'll look at financial management with a metaphorical feather duster to help you 'Spring' into Summer. It's that time of the year to dust off the cobwebs and spruce things up for the next season. Bring your notepad and pens if you're ready to set the tone for the year ahead and say a calming Namaste to your personal and business finances.

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"Coco Financial is the knowledge and confidence hub for first-time freelancers, savvy side-hustlers and early entrepreneurs. We’ve created a safe space at Club Coco  - free of jargon and no such thing as a silly question. Think of us as your business finance BFFs. "

"Want to take control of the accounting, tax & strategy side of running your biz? In a safe space where there’s NO such thing as a silly question…Calling all entrepreneurs and side-hustlers. Your business finance BFFs are here! 

From “How Do I Pay Myself?”; to a more strategic “Money Mindset”; and even “How to Pimp Your Pensions and Investments”… Our workshops are just what you need.  We are chucking in gifs and memes and a sprinkle of Financial Fairy Godmother support to build your knowledge and confidence  

Join us now and propel your business forward!"


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