Wanderlust Exhibition: Opening Evening

Sunday 21st August | 6pm-9pm

Showing in Steven Edwards Restaurant 21st August-30th September.

A collection of art inspired by travel & adventure.

Featuring photographer Claire Richards, photographer Dominic Masters, and painter Sophie Derrick.

Join us for a summer cocktail to inspire your own sense of wanderlust. 

This is a complimentary members event.


Dominic Masters is an art director in feature films, travel goes with the territory and his camera goes where he does. Dominic's photos transport the viewer to the scene and allows them to imagine the story that is unfolding, through light and mood.

Photographs featured in this exhibtion are from his recent trip to southern Thailand.

Sophie Derrick's practice is founded on self-portraiture, but her blending of sculptural painting and performative photography, successfully transcends any traditional interpretation.

Using her skin as the canvas, Impasto paint is placed sculpturally onto her face, before being rendered flat through digital photography, the image is then re-animated, by thick lashings of paint being applied heavily across the mounted surface.

Claire Richards' passion for photography has grown by keeping her eyes on her surroundings and following the beauty in decay. After studying photography at college Claire put her camera aside for many years whilst persuing a career in film and TV. 

A decade or so later, along with fulfilling her desire to create sets and explore the world, Claire's portfolio began to grow by recording images for reference that filled her with inspiration. 

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