Watercolour Painting Workshop

Monday 26th June | 4-7pm

Join artist Fuchsia for a 3-hour guided watercolour painting session.You'll learn a brief intro into about Fuchsia's work and the fundamentals of watercolour painting. All materials will be provided during the workshops and you'll take your own painting home to be cherished.

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Members £40 | Non-members £55

About Fuchsia
Fuchsia is currently an artist in residence at Sarabande (The Alexander McQueen foundation).

Fuchsia is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in oil painting & watercolour. Fuchsia paints angels and underwater creatures in dream-like landscapes and fervently believes in the power of these celestial beings. Her paintings are overflowing with symbols of beauty and chaos, and aims to highlight certain conflicting moral forces we face in today's complex world, namely issues on climate change which seem to preoccupy the minds of her angels.

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