"When looking for a place to call home, the river and Richmond drew them in." Edith Cooper and Katherine Bradley hunkered down at 1, Paragon – now part of the Riverhouse in 1899. It became a literary and artistic hub back in the day and W.B. Yeats, John Ruskin and Browning flocked to them until the ‘Michaels’ death in 1914.

Seventy years later, Mr and Mrs Trinder, also drawn by the river, bought the crumbling townhouses as a family home and bed and breakfast before developing the first boutique hotel and restaurant in Richmond.

With a long and colourful history behind it, mother and daughter, Ruth and Samantha Trinder are writing the next chapter with refreshed interiors that bring the outside inside and which draw on the wonderful stories from the past.


Image credit Barney James | Timeless Pictures

“Do not squirm at the lowly entrance. Within the snail-shell are two poets most gay and happy".

An extract from 'Michael Field' by Mary Sturgeon, published in 1921. 
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