Once upon a river, there was a house. A house where people met, mingled and mused. Where parties were planned, meetings were held and vows were made. Where the constant rush of water mixed with music and the clinking of glasses. Perched as a gateway to Richmond, that house is our house.
We’re a Riverhouse. A place where many things come together. Where people can stay the night, spend the evening, while away the afternoon or kick off the day. Where residents mix with visitors. Food and drinks and sittings drift into one another as people move from place to place, East to West, in to out, day to night. 

And we welcome visitors to come in, listen, eat, and drink. Stop for a while, while the river rolls on outside our back door. 

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"The Michaels now wrote seeking guidance. They hinted that they longed for a river."

Edith Cooper and Katherine Bradley wrote under the pseudonym of Michael Fields and lived here in 1899 -1910
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