Environmental Policy

As a small business we recognise and take seriously our responsibility to the environment and the local community and are actively working to achieve B-Corp certification. We strive to have a positive impact on both, and we ensure all aspects of our operations adhere to this principle. We carefully consider suppliers who share our values, to always offer the best, and most environmentally friendly product that we can for our guests.

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Dine & Drink

• Nearly all of our suppliers are local to SouthWest & Greater London.

• Nearly all of our fresh produce is traceable back to the farmer, grower or producer.

• We hold certifications from suppliers where possible.

• We work cleverly with seasonal produce and our suppliers, as well as batch cooking and portioning menu items, we reduce food waste drastically. 

In The Bedroom

• Our handmade beds from Naturalmat have ethically-sourced organic mattresses for the ultimate sleep hygiene.

• Some bedrooms have hand forged copper bath tubs from Catchpole & Rye in their local Foundry and hand finished in Pluckley.

• Our high quality bedroom amenities by La Eva are handmade in Cotswolds, using recycled bottles that we refill to avoid waste.

• Organic fair-trade, teas, coffee (KRU Cafe), and hot chocolate are provided.

Housekeeping & Energy

• All of our cleaning products are green and eco friendly.

• We use a reputable ‘green’ laundry company.

• We have an environmental laundry policy to only replace guests' towels upon request, to conserve laundry.

• We use First Mile for our waste who promise zero to landfill.

• The whole house is plastic free with the exception of our bin liners.

• Our used cooking oil is collected and converted to bio fuel.

• We use Who Gives A Crap toilet paper in our washrooms.

Team & Community 

• We have a diverse ownership being ones of the only black-owned female hotels in the country and employees are from all walks of life, all over the world.

• Many of our staff have been with Bingham Riverhouse for many years, and have trained from apprentice positions up to the managers they are today.

• We support many charities including Shepherds Star, The Poppy Factory & Choose Love.

• We plant a tree with the Onetreeplanted initiative for every membership sold and also in lieu of Christmas crackers.


• We have a tranquil garden where guests can wander, children can play, and visitors can mingle.

bhuti offers wellbeing classes and workshops such as yoga and meditation.

 • We offer healthy food options, CBD cocktails as well as no + low alcohol beverages drinks. 

• We have Yogi Bare yoga mats that are made from eco-conscious materials and produced in the UK as well as crystals in the rooms to encourage self-wellness practices. 

Visit the Green Tourism website here.