Upstairs and down, there’s different rooms and spaces to suit all style of celebrations and get togethers. 

-  The upstairs library and parlour flow back and forth throughout the day, as breakfast, rolls into lunch, tea, drinks and dinner. Great for homely gatherings from early until late.
-  Downstairs we have our garden rooms, an adaptable space, or spaces which hold up to 90 seated or 150 standing, with movable walls which lead out to a heated canopied terrace, domes and gardens. The appeal here, for big and small gatherings, is that your space is your own.
-  And there’s fifteen comfy bedrooms to collapse into at the end of the evening.

Day or night, up or down, inside or out, we serve great, seasonal British food with welcoming, friendly service. Riverhouse party planning is personalised and events and occasions are shaped to suit you.

Get in touch, by phone 020 8940 0902 [3] , by email or fill out the form below.

Image credit Barney James | Timeless Pictures

"I dream an evening frock. It is soft black, frail and billowy, and its sleeves are in part of this, with silvery white satin ribbon tied about it. If you have a better dream, send word; if not, tell me how much (I mean how little) the gown would be."

An extract from 'Michael Field' by Mary Sturgeon, published in 1921.
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