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Once upon a river, there was a house. A house where people met, mingled and mused. Where parties were planned, meetings were held and vows were made. Where the constant rush of water mixed with music and the clinking of glasses. Perched as a gateway to Richmond, that house is our house.
We’re a Riverhouse. A place where many things come together. Where people can stay the night, spend the evening, while away the afternoon or kick off the day. Where residents mix with visitors. Food and drinks and sittings drift into one another as people move from place to place, East to West, in to out, day to night. 

And we welcome visitors to come in, listen, eat, and drink. Stop for a while, while the river rolls on outside our back door. 

See what's happening soon. Call us on 020 8940 0902 or get in touch.

Discover the new Bingham Riverhouse in our beautiful film.

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Michael Field, poet and playwright, was a pseudonym for aunt, niece, lovers, Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper who lived in part of the Riverhouse over a century ago.

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English Garden

A tranquil waterside spot, where guests can wander, children can play and visitors can mingle.

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Relax and breathe at bhuti, our sister company, an eco wellbeing escape just minutes away.

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As a small business, we're passionate about the environment, local community and the part we play in both.

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Our house sits on the edge of the river and the river sits at the heart of Richmond upon Thames.

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What better way to celebrate your stay in Richmond than with a trip along the idyllic Thames?

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