Riverhouse Raise | Coming Soon...

We are launching an Angel Investor/ Dragon's Den style event where entrepreneurs pitch to a panel of Angel investors in order to raise funds for their businesses. This event will bring together innovative, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs from all sectors to showcase their businesses and pitch to you, our panel of experienced investors.

The event is an opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to upscale their businesses and others who are seeking investment for a trading business, seeking valuable recognition and financial support. As an investor, you will get access to top startups, new and fresh business ideas, of which your contributions and input can flourish into something great.

At each event, 8 entrepreneurs will participate.

Each entrepreneur will have 5 minutes to pitch their business to the panel, followed by a Q&A session.

The panel will then have time to review and select which entrepreneurs they would like to invest in. 

Date TBA very soon.

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