An Introduction To Astrology: A Cosmic Journey

Weekly Tuesdays | 2nd-30th July | 7-9pm

Get ready to uncover the divine mysteries of the cosmos. Join us for a transformative 4-week course in the foundations of astrology.

 In this comprehensive course, we will delve deep into the wisdom of the stars, guiding you on a captivating exploration of the celestial realms.

Get ready to decode the language of the planets and zodiac signs, unlocking the secrets of your unique astrological blueprint.

Week 1: Planetary Powerhouses
Discover the nature, purpose and meanings of each planet in our solar system. Unveil how these celestial beings shape your personality, desires and destiny.

Week 2: Zodiac Wonders
 Explore how each zodiac sign acts as a cosmic lens, influencing the expression of the planets within your birth chart. Dive into the twelve astrological archetypes and unravel their profound significance.

Week 3: House of Reflection
 Navigate through the houses of astrology, uncovering the specific areas of your life influenced by planetary energies. From relationships to career, health to spirituality – gain insights into every facet of your existence.

Week 4: Planetary aspects
 Learn the dynamic interplay between planetary aspects, revealing the intricate web of connections that define your astrological profile. Understand your gifts, challenges, and potentials with clarity and insight.

Reserve your place now and embark on a celestial journey of self-discovery.

Whether you're a novice seeker or a seasoned explorer of the stars, this course offers a transformative experience to deepen your understanding of astrology.

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