Be Richmond | Be Well: Intelligent Aging

 Wednesday 27th March | 12:30-1.15pm

Do you watch your grandparents or parents and wonder if you will be like them in 30 or 40 years time? Do you think about how you'd like to be in your older years? Will you be still running marathons, taking on new challenges, or are you simply hoping that you don't get cancer (like your grannie) or you're not sick with diabetes or left on your own in a nursing home.


How we think we will grow old often informs how we grow old. Soulhub’s Dr Rob Owen, has spent much of his life exploring what he terms 'Intelligent Ageing' looks like. Join him for his interactive workshop to look at how you might be faring, and understand ways you can change your perceived pathway to older age. 


Complimentary for all.


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