Publicity With Purpose

Monthly, in-person Expert PR and Public speaking for Coaches, Consultants and Experts.

Communicate your impact. Boldly share more of the unique essence that is your gold.

Reach more of the people you want to serve. Amplify your work in the world.

No one is you and that is your power. Opportunity awaits the visible!

All the impact and success we desire is on the other side of social engagement – allowing more of ourselves to be seen and expanding into wider, deeper conversation with your audience and community be them customers and clients, media, potential partners and beyond.

Getting out of our own way to fearlessly reach out to individuals, organisations, and brands to create collaborative opportunities, whether that be media coverage, speaking opportunities or otherwise, will transform both your business and your reality.

Your existence will expand. Connection is the magic at the heart of it all.

Join Publicity with Purpose at Bingham Riverhouse to access two brand new monthly in-person trainings. 

*Public Speaking & Podcasts 
*PR & Content starts 

Join one monthly training or both.

This is for you if… 

  • You are already trading  
  • You have a website and social media presence 
  • You are a service based small business
  • You are a product based small business making a social impact  
  • You are a Coach, Consultant or Expert in your field
  • You’re ready and willing to travel to Bingham Riverhouse twice each month to work on your business visibility and access one of the UK’s most experienced publicists and PR consultants  
  • You’re not looking for a quick fix. Immediate results are possible but it’s not typical. PR has a cumulative effect, so the more time and energy you invest in it, the more powerful the results
  •  Commitment and consistency are key to your success. Keep showing up and taking action and results are guaranteed 
  • Perhaps most importantly, you are ready to allow yourself to be seen!  


How does it work? 
We’ll meet once each month for each of the two trainings, 10am- 5pm in person at Bingham Riverhouse.  
Morning sessions will be taught by Jessica and afternoons will be dedicated to Q&A sessions where we’ll dive into targeted visibility guidance pertinent to your visibility and brand.  

Terms & Conditions 
Minimum commitment is six months. 
*First month’s payment on booking to secure place in the Publicity with Purpose club. 

Session topics include:


Public Speaking & Podcasts:

○How to connect and captivate your target audience through meaningful public speaking.

○Discover how to craft speaking content which ones, inspires and engages your audience.

○Go beyond superficial and generic messaging and learn how to speak soul to soul with your audience.

○Learn how to secure targeted speaking opportunities in the exact spaces your future clients hang out.

○Start solidifying your truly authentic personal brand, through aligned partnerships which are an expression of your values.

"Jessica is an exceptional PR professional with whom I developed a trusting relationship with whom I developed a trusting relationship. She certainly laid the foundation for my business growth in the subsequent years after she left. She would add immense value to any brand!" - Su Man Hsu | World Renowned Facialist


PR & Content:

○Identify your unique thought leadership which enables your ideal clients to see and hear you, for social and traditional media coverage.

○Learn how to approach podcast producers to secure conversations and interviews which amplify your message and raise your profile.

○Discover the role that courage has to play in your external communications and why it’s your super-power.

○Start standing out for who you are and the unique gold you have to share, become more of who you are and take your visibility and impact to new heights.

"So much has changed since working with Jess, my profile has skyrocketed. I secured coverage in national news, radio and TV, won awards and many more speaking events. Most of the opportunities I have now wouldn't exist had I not built my profile." - Liv Conlon | Entreprenuer


How to get the Most Out of Publicity with Purpose club 

-Be prepared to get uncomfortable and step out of Your Comfort Zone.

-Be disciplined in taking action.

-Accept that consistency is key to your success.

-Prepare to meet an incredible group of peers on parallel journeys and be open to all exciting possibilities.

About your host Jessica Huie MBE

“I’ve empowered dreamers, partnered with titans, and shaped the stories of icons. As a Communications leader, I collaborate with purpose-driven people and organisations to craft strategic storytelling that aligns the right message with the ideal audience at precisely the right moment.A publicist and advocate for wellness and positive visions of the future, I'm passionate about amplifying diverse messages and creating visibility for organisations to communicate and deepen their social impact.

I've been a lifelong storyteller, recognising the profound connection stories offer. My career as a Publicist and PR consultant involved amplifying clients' messages, working with notable figures like Hilary Devey, Samuel L Jackson, Meghan Markle and Kelly Rowland. Brands like Virgin Unite, Fairtrade, MTV Staying Alive and many, many more.

As a Partner for the British Library’s Business & IP Centre, I've also supported hundreds of Founders in communicating their impact through accessible workshops. 

At the heart of my love of storytelling, lies a recognition in the power of visibility and the opportunity it creates, to have people feel seen and connected. To move us beyond separation. I also just love to see people winning and visibility is crucial for business success.

My passion for visibility and its power to make people feel acknowledged led me to establish Color blind cards in 2006. This award-winning multicultural greeting card brand prompted discussions on ethnic representation in retail, and became the first independent card brand to secure a high-street presence for multicultural cards in the UK. 

I’m proud to have been honoured with an MBE from King Charles in 2014. Taking my Windrush Generation Father, Mother and daughter to the Palace was a life moment.

In 2018, I published my book "PURPOSE" through Hay House, and in 2019, co-created the Diverse Wisdom initiative with Hay House, to increase the number of published authors of colour in the Personal Development genre. The initiative is now in its fourth successful year.

I have run The Purpose Retreat, for five years. Creating the programme from conception to facilitation to promotion, in the UK and Jamaica. 

I'm an experienced corporate speaker on the topic of Purpose, Google, EY, Grant Thornton, Bloomberg and more.

I co-produced Evening of Purpose at The Barbican Centre alongside We are Parable in 2022 & September 2023, for an evening exploring our sense of purpose and connection through the arts and social entrepreneurship.

This new offering of Publicity with Purpose – PR for a new paradigm @ Bingham Riverhouse, is an exciting way of sharing tools for amplifying impact and building profile with a small group of brilliant Coaches, Consultants and Experts in person, in beautiful surroundings. I have no doubt that these individuals will create some magic within their own businesses which has a powerful ripple effect for the communities of clients and customers they serve.


Public Speaking & Podcast Guesting

May 6th 
June 3rd 
July  8th 
August 5th (ONLINE)
September 9th 
October 7th 

PR & Content Creation

April 22nd
May 20th
June 24th
July 22nd
August 26th (ONLINE)
September 23rd
October 21st

Investment: £250 plus VAT per month | £200 plus VAT for Members

Sign up to both Public Speaking & Podcasts with PR & Content and save £100

Minimum commitment of three months | Maximum 20 spaces available

Morning sessions will be taught by Jessica and afternoons will be dedicated to Q&A sessions where questions pertinent to your business and visibility will be answered.



 Public Speaking and Podcasts for members £200 plus VAT | Sign Up
 PR & Content for members £200 plus VAT | Sign Up
Public Speaking & Podcasts + PR & Content 
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Non members:
Public Speaking and Podcasts for non members £250 plus VAT | Sign Up
 PR & Content for non members £250 plus VAT | Sign Up
Public Speaking & Podcasts + PR & Content 
£400 plus VAT (Save £100) | Sign Up

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